What Is Involved In Designing a Gift Basket for Kids?

In September, 2004 www.thebountifulbasket.net introduced gift baskets for children. After years of designing many gifts for Thank You, Sympathy, Get Well, and Birthday, we decided to embark on kid’s gift baskets for Get Well gifts for Boys and Girls, Birthday Gift Baskets for Children, Congratulations for a job well done and for just plain fun gift for kids.

A lot of planning and considerable time goes into picking out the container and the contents of a gift basket for a child. Consideration is given to the age of the child, the gender, and the circumstance of each child. At
www.thebountifulbasket.comit was our intention from the beginning NOT to include any toys, games, pictures or books that are of a violent or graphic nature. We search for toys that were entertaining and fun, and games that were stimulating and challenging.

Our most popular Children’s gift is our
Too Cool Gift Baskets for Boys and Girls and is a perfect generic gift that can be customized for a child in the hospital, a birthday present from a grandparent, or a summertime fun gift. A 7 year old boy in the hospital is not going to receive the same gift basket as a 7 year old boy celebrating a birthday. This is where customizing for each individual child is so important. We include brain teasers, fun games, character builders and challenging toys in themes such as: Dinosaurs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Pixar Calling All Cars and Princess Gift Baskets.

Our gift baskets are designed for ages 3 to 12 and up. Another popular kid’s gift basket at
The Bountiful Basket is our Creative Kids Gift Basket for Boys and Girls. This special gift basket was designed for those children who love to use their imagination and create works of art with their hands. In this gift basket, we provide craft items such as: construction paper, pom poms, glue, craft sticks, kits for designing jewelry, colored pencils, crayons, stones and crystals for creating mosaics and wood working kits.

Other children’s items that we have added to our
Kids gifts category at www.thebountifulbasket.net include Russ Berrie activity sets which are soft learning toys for ages 1 through 3 years old and sibling gifts for the older brother or sister.
The response by parents whose children have received a
kid’s gift basket by the Bountiful Basket has been overwhelming. At The Bountiful Basket, we will always include age appropriate toys and games that parents will be excited to have their child receive.

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